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Alu Avantgarde

Unique Design of Pergola

Avantgarde is a high-end retractable awning with aluminum structure. They come with features like built in drainage and dimmable LED lights. Everything is retractable at the click of a button. Avantgarde Pergola offers lasting and aesthetic systems to make sure you can make use of your patio, terrace, and backyard all year round. 

Max Width       Max Projection       Wind Resistance Up To

10.5m           10m                     135km/h

All Seasons

Resists Bad



UV Protection

Fire Retardant


LED Lights



 Available Structure Shapes 

 Ceiling Fabric 

Précontraint 602 Opaque is a fireproof membrane that offer total opacity.

This would mean complete thermal comfort and protection from UV light coming from the sun. Made for constant, maintenance-free use along with the many colour choices, it offers designers the freedom to match the surroundings of the structure and bring all the elements together.


Heat Up To


Unit Area Weight

EN ISO 2286-2


Fire Proof

CL-2 EN 13773



Choices Up To







The ceiling fabric is available in three primary colours as the standard, and custom orders, we can provide the fabric in vairous other colours.

Standard Colours

Blackout Précontraint

602 Opaque

 Structure Colour and Finish 

We provide an extension to your property and always make sure it looks as if it was always planned to be there. Our Pergolas utilize aluminium all over the structure to ensure lightness and strength at an optimum; however , you can cover the body and the columns with one of our many colours and finish choices as you can see below.

 Motor & Automation 

Pergolas are there to give us comfort and ease of mind. They provide freedom from the factors that can undermine the experience; therefore, we make sure our shading structures do what they are built to do when they are supposed to. Our pergolas can be equipped with sensors of light, wind and rain to change the settings according to the environmental factors automatically, we also have remote control systems to make your structure work at your will.

Internationally renowned Somfy motors from France are used to operate all of our products.

Guaranteed for 5 years and using RTS and IO technology, the motors can be operated at the simple touch of a button.


Pergolas come with optional built-in LED tube or spot lighting

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